Moving Meditation and Breath Training in Portland

MeditationMany people just like you have already used the training at NWIA to release stress, move past crippling issues like self-doubt, negativity and self destructive anger.  Almost everyone is ruled by old patterns of thought and negative self-image. Even those of us who only project confidence and pride fight against doubts we never show. These doubts and patterns keep us from living at our full potential. They keep us from taking the ACTIONS that make our dreams real. All of these problems can be left behind by training in applied meditation.

A Trained Mind lets you tackle the challenges of your day without stress, tension or dread. Just like a fit body lets you face physical challenges with ease and strength.  Focus, Perception, Problem-Solving, Situational Awareness. These are all just different strengths of the mind. And, In a Fit Mind they are all strong and effective.

Mindfulness Meditation has been used to control pain that couldn’t be touched by drugs and treat debilitating PTSD.

Every one of us struggles with the difference between what we intend to do and what we actually manifest. Life can be quite challenging and if your mind and will are not focused like a laser on what you want it can difficult to accomplish anything major.

That goal of personal clarity is in everyone’s reach.  It’s in your reach.  Use this free video to start learning the simple tools that you will use throughout your day to shed stress, focus your mind, strengthen your will-power and accomplish your goals.

Simple Breathing Meditation:

The Benefits of Applied Meditation

  •  Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure in patients who practice regularly. Many patients are able to minimize and even eliminate the need for regular medication.
  • Breathing exercises are one of the fundamental keys to the practice. Proper breathing habits improve your clarity and state of mind. More than that they also enhance physical energy levels and improve sports performance.
  •  The mind acts on the patterns you regularly expose yourself to. If you train yourself to relentlessly pursue only your highest ideals, then these ideals become manifest.
  •  Many of the most talented artists in the world make regular use of meditation to enhance their creativity.
  •  Iraq war vets suffering from debilitating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder use meditative practices, from mindfulness to Tai Chi Ch’uan, to treat their symptoms and successfully reintegrate after their service.
  •  Everyday people use meditation to let go of the stresses and demands of their jobs. And unlike anti-anxiety medication, meditation has no side effects.
  •  Skilled mediators learn to identify and reprogram self destructive thought patterns. Don’t just halfway tell yourself to be confident, Be Confident Now!
  •  Those who regularly practice some form of effective meditation show enhanced immune function. Stress makes us susceptible to illness; the lack of stress leaves us able to function at our highest levels.
  • Be less prone to fear and stress throughout your day. Studies show that regular meditation shifts the electric activity of the brain away from the stress inducing regions. This effect lasts long after any one meditation session.
  •  This type of mind training has been used in conjunction with therapy to identify and desensitize deep seated phobias and fears.
  •  The enhancement of awareness and will power makes changing negative habits much easier.
  •  The emotional state of a fit mind becomes much less reactionary. No more getting carried away by frustration and anger during traffic! Little annoyances will never ruin your day again.
  •  Recover quickly from sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that meditation can help reset the body’s natural rhythms, speeding recovery from sleep deprivation and jet lag.
  •  Save money and avoid side effects. Having a regular mindfulness practice has been shown to elevate serotonin levels. This can counteract some depression and elevates the mood in general, mitigating the need for anxiety medication.
  •  After meditating our ability to absorb and retain information is notably enhanced. This can be utilized to improve academic performance. Beyond that it also counteracts the self consciousness involved with creative development resulting in an even more enhanced learning process
  •  The increase attentiveness that results from this training is highly useful for anyone who’s work involves “people skills”. The improved ability to listen and observe body cues is a powerful skill.
  •  The ability to remain even tempered and “centered” is an essential skill in any high intensity job, whether it be professional fighting, police work, emergency medicine… the list of situations where it’s vital to stay focused and responsive is endless.
  •  Those skilled at applied meditation feel immune to petty issues. This leaves you freer to focus your energy on your positive goals.
  •  When arguing we get caught in frustrations and anger. By regulating your mental state you are able to focus on a positive and effective resolution for yourself and others.
  •  Improvement in your crisis-management abilities.
  •  A greater ability to focus also allows you to more fully experience and savor the enjoyable moments in your life.
  •  Less distractible: An MIT study showed that increased alpha waves in the brain from meditating make the brain less likely to engage with unimportant stimuli.
  • Control Your Thoughts: Humans have built the Seven Wonders of the World, traveled to the depths of the ocean and the heights of space. Yet, how often are we undone by our own negative thought patterns. Meditation allows you to take the reins.
  •  Skilled meditators are shown to have enhanced perceptive ability. This is probably due to the ability to remain undistracted.
  •  Less need for medical care: One study of over 2000 meditators showed their incidence of being admitted to a hospital for treatment was more than 50% lower over a period of five years. To make it even clearer, the meditators had the same rate of uses medical care for positive reasons like childbirth. But in every other category of illness or injury their rates were significantly lower. All members of the study had a daily practice for at least six months prior to the start of the test.
  •  Increased I.Q.: Studies show a notable increase in measurable intelligence in those who practice regularly.
  •  Improved Academic Ability: Incorporating two ten minute sessions of meditation into your school day has been shown to produce significant improvements in retention and performance.
  •  Keep the benefits of your high-stress job… just let go of the stress. Stress is never a positive. It is our body and mind tensing up in anticipation of difficulty. This tension actually weakens our ability to succeed. Training the mind not to fixate on negative patterns of anxiety lets us do better at our jobs. It also lets us let go of the demands of our jobs when we are not there which increases our happiness.
  •  Take your sport performance to the next level. The enhanced focus and ideal breathing patterns that you develop with this practice can help you breakthrough any plateau in your sport ability.
  •  And this is just the beginning…

“My wife introduced me to Tai Chi and I am a novice student, having attended for 8 months. At the school we start out with a warm-up, loosening our joints and relaxing our breath, then work for 40 minutes with the Tai Chi form. This is an exercise I can do even with an old auto accident injury in my lower back.

My studies at NWIA have taught me to relax, helping me overcome the fast pace of modern life. This low impact exercise is perfect for me, I can improve my flexibility as I work muscles I have never developed in my previous 60 years.” -George

“When I first started studying here I had a lot of issues with self doubt. I was constantly avoiding the risk of failure. Therefore I wasn’t trying to make any of my bigger goals happen. Honestly, I wouldn’t even try to meet new people.

I actually first came to NWIA because I wanted to learn martial arts but it’s the mental training that has totally changed my life. If I met myself from 5 years ago I wouldn’t even recognize the confident person I am today.”

Thinking about trying our Applied Meditation Classes in Portland?  Now is the only time we have.  Come in and check it out for free.

One of the things that make training in Applied Meditation unique is the emphasis on integrating your practice into your daily life with simple skills and exercises that will keep you at a high level of performance.

Meditation gives you the mental tools you need to live more successfully and happily.

You Have  Nothing to Lose and So Much to Gain

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Professor Jeff Patterson

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