Stand up Phase 2 Level 4


Set 1 Original 10 count straight punch series

  1. Jab
  2. Double Jab
  3. Triple Jab
  4. Rear Punch
  5. Double Rear Punch
  6. Triple Rear Punch
  7. Jab, Rear punch (1,2)
  8. Rear punch, Jab (2,1)
  9. Double Jab, Rear Punch
  10. Double Rear punch, Jab









Target areas

First floor waist to low chest

Second floor low chest to chin

Third floor head


Straight Punch Set 1A

  1. Jab to (floor 3 or head)
  2. Jab floor 3 and jab to floor 1
  3. Jab floor 1 and jab floor 3 and jab floor 2
  4. SR floor 3
  5. SR floor 3 and SR floor 1
  6. SR floor 3 and SR floor 1 and SR floor 3
  7. Jab floor 1 and SR floor 3
  8. SR floor 3 and jab floor 1
  9. Jab floor 1 and jab floor 3 and SR floor 2
  10. SR floor 3 and SR floor 1 and jab floor 3







2 Person Drill

Coach feeds 1,2 and 3 from set 1A, boxer responds with a stop, parry, pat down and cut out

*on 2nd floor strikes can use parry, forearm or inward block

***Homework Drill play 2nd floor strikes use parry, forearm or inward block and follow with SR 1,2 or 3 times as long as there is an opening. When doing block use hip do not cock hand after block to deliver punch just shoot from where it lies turn heel, knee, hip shoulder and drop weight for power.




Modified 10 count straight punch (Review)

  1. Jab
  2. Double Jab
  3. Triple Jab
  4. Rear Punch
  5. Double Rear Punch
  6. Jab, Rear punch (1,2)
  7. Rear punch, Jab (2,1)
  8. Double Jab, Rear Punch
  9. Rear Punch, Jab, Rear Punch
  10. Jab, Rear Punch, Jab


Straight Punch Set 2

  1. Rear Punch, Jab, Rear Punch
  2. Jab, Rear Punch, Jab
  3. Jab, Rear punch (1,2)
  4. Rear, Jab, Rear, Jab
  5. Rear, Double Jab, Rear
  6. Jab, Double Rear, Jab
  7. Double Jab, Rear, Jab, Rear
  8. Jab, Rear, Rear, Jab, Rear
  9. Rear, Jab, Jab, Rear, Jab
  10. Rear, Rear, Rear, Jab, Rear



Bent Arm Set 1

  1. Diagonal slant upper cut left
  2. Diagonal slant upper cut right
  3. Sit down low hook left (arm horizontal)
  4. Sit down low hook right (arm horizontal)
  5. Left hook high
  6. Right hook high
  7. Left vertical uppercut
  8. Right vertical uppercut
  9. Left over hand
  10. Right over hand



10 Count Straight Punch

  1. 1st standard: stationary and learn combos
  2. 2nd standard: change mitt locations and move forward and back.
  3. 3rd standard: use defense, mitt holder feeds and calls out combo.  (Defend/Feed, Feed/Defend, Feed/Defend/Feed, etc.)



Ring strategy

*If fighter is knocked down don’t hop right up, take knee tell referee you’re ok then get up.

-If you hop right up could be dizzy

-It looks bad to doc, judges, fighter etc.

*If knocked down and was a solid shot you need more rest. Circle around ref. to give a few more seconds.

*If still shook up move in to clinch.

*Always bring two mouth guards to a fight or test.

*Towel, water, Vaseline, bucket etc. Come prepared.


Runner = someone who stays on the outside moving making it difficult for an opponent to get inside



Round up Drill


  • walk in the park (WIP) stay in a lead stance as you move to the left and right either straight or in circle (circle if in the ring)
  • walk in the city (WIC) narrow stance like horse stance L or R straight or circular




  • WIP left and right always keeping that good lead stance as you circle.
  • WIP and change to WIC to respond to cut off if you have enough space to get by then as soon as you pass change back to WIP to regain your structure.

*Can use a chair or something to force boxer to change from WIP to WIC       narrow the space (focus on continuing lead stance when in the WIP).

  • Coach can stand in the middle of ring randomly using hands to gesture or signal boxer to change directions.
  • Trot (back ward jog) change on inside foot plant can add jab on trot and on change or turn.

*Trot left to plant in guard and trot right to plant in guard.

  • Walk from corner to center of ring or just a couple steps the plant in guard position play forward and reverse. And walk circling left and right to plant in guard.


*Can drop hands while walking if range is appropriate (walking is more of a pro boxing drill show you are relaxed).

*Use to drop back relaxed or advance relaxed or re-position.


  • Play WIP with ducking coach holds arm out when boxer approaches he ducks under also do with WIC if coach wants boxer to change directions puts hand low.
  • Play WIP forward, back, left, right smooth transitions while changing directions.



Cut Off Set

1) Standard L and R shuffle (stay square in front of your opponent do not give him room even half a body width to scoot around.

*don’t diagonal shuffle cut off because you let them see the cut off if they          change direction, they will be on your week side.

2) L body hook (step left foot online with opponents lead foot and hook to body).

3) R body hook (Step wide right and R hook).

4) L body cut off (Left foot steps to opponent’s rear foot so if he steps again he will trip over your foot).

5) R hook and body cut (right foot steps forward and right as you R hook then immediately shift weight back to natural guard.



*To follow = means as you are WIP around the ring, the opponent is following you in circles around the ring without cutting you off.


Faking Drills on Mitt’s or Gloves

Fake with the footwork, Body, or tool

  • Fake Jab Low and Jab High to mitt and follow with SR, LH, SR
  • Fake the Right RS to Left Shovel or LH.

*Follow SR, LH, SR

*Or coach steps back and Superman SR, LH, SR

3- Fake the Jab High to RS Low and follow with LH, SR, LH

  • Fake the Left Hook/Shovel into Left Hook or Shovel (depending on how the guard response to the Left Fake plays out) and follow SR, LH, SR
  • Fake Jab to LH and follow SR, LH, SR
  • Fake Right Over Hand (Coach shields) to LU, LH and follow SR, LH, SR
  • Fake the Jab to the Body or Fake LH and follow SR, LH, SR
  • Fake Left Hook to Right Uppercut, Left Hook and follow SR, LH, SR


Blitz Combo’s

  • Jab, SR, LU, RU, LH, RS, and Jab 3x out
  • Jab, SR, LH, RU, LH, RS, and Jab 3x out
  • Jab, SR, LU, RU, LH, RS, Jab, SR, LH, RU, LH, RS, and Jab 3x out