Kali-Eskrima-Arnis Introduction

Minimum Training: 20 Classes


I. Salutation


II. Paghawak Ng Sandata (Different Ways To Hold The Stick)


a. Hawak sagad (Holding At The Base Of the Stick)

b. Hawak Nga May Punyo (Holding The Weapon With Butt Extension)

c. Centro baston / Hawak gitna (Middle stick grip)

d. Hawak susi (Key grip or reverse grip)


III. Palakas Pulso (Wrist conditioning)

1. Doble Baston

a. Up and down rotation

b. Alternate up and down rotation

c. Aldabis (upward criss cross)

d. Abaniko

e. Centro baston rotation


IV. Foot Work

1. Retirada Caballero (Shuffle step)

a. Single forward and backward

b. Single left and right


2. Retirada Ilustrisimo

a. Apak sa Likod


3. Hakbang Paiwas (Full Side Step)

a. Center, right side, Center left side


4. Tatsulok Babae (Female Triangle)

a. Tatsulok Ilag Lihis (Evade)


V. Striking

1. Binahagi (broken Strikes)

2. Pa’ulit’ulit (Repetitive strikes)

3. Tuloy’tuloy (Flowing strikes)

4. Doblete (Double or redonda strikes)


VIII. Uri’ng sangga (kinds of blocks)

1.  Tala bartikal (vertical block)

2. Sumbrada (Roof Block)

3. Pluma (Pen block)






VI. Long range drills (Labanan Malayu’an)

a. Variation Isa

Attacker: Feeds 1-7 or 1-12

Defender: Counters by hitting attacker in the hand or arm with strikes #1 and         #4


VII. Counting

1 Isa

2 Dalawa

3 Tatlo

4 Apat

5 Lima

6 Anim

7 Pito

8 Walo

9 Siyam

10 Sampu

11 Labing isa

12 Labing dalawa



Application for testing:



Eskrima – Kali – Arnis

 Phase 1 (Introduction)



Name: ______________________________________





Time training in current phase: __________


Requirements checklist:

  • 2 Rattan Training Sticks
  • 1 Practice Dagger

Member must be in uniform to test.

There will be a thirty dollar fee due prior to testing.



Student Signature: ___________________________________


Instructor Approval: __________________________________


Test Date: _____________________


Result: ________________________