Northwest Fighting Arts is proud to offer Gresham mixed martial arts courses for beginners, experienced fighters and everyone in between. We seek to create an inclusive space where everyone feels welcomed and accepted, crafting friendships along the way. If that’s the type of experience you want from your martial arts training in Gresham OR, just give us a call today. We know we can help you achieve your goals, improve yourself on many levels and change your outlook on the world.


The Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts in Gresham OR

When people come to us to explore Gresham mixed martial arts, they may have watched it on TV and assumed it was all about getting into the octagon. While our martial arts training in Gresham OR can teach you to fight in the same way you’ve seen on TV, it’s about so much more than that. Other benefits of mixed martial arts in Gresham OR include:

  • Getting in better shape and losing weight
  • Learning new skills and developing a new hobby
  • Learning patience and humility
  • Growing more confident in yourself
  • Learning what you can accomplish

Your path to Gresham mixed martial arts will lead you toward your own specific goals and you can find the results you want. We often tell people that martial arts training in Gresham OR can change their lives, and it’s true. You definitely do not have to be a professional to learn and grow tremendously from Gresham martial arts training.

When you choose NFA for your Gresham mixed martial arts, you get decades of experience, going back to 1994. You get a free intro lesson and 30 days of classes to see if you like it. You take your martial arts training in Gresham OR from a third-degree black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. We have really set ourselves up as the best place for Gresham martial arts training, and we would love to see you join our community and expand your own horizons.


Get Started Now with a Free Lesson

There’s no risk in taking a free lesson to find out what you think of our training program and of Gresham mixed martial arts in general. Just give us a call today at 503-235-3435.