Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- White Belt two stripes

Minimum Training Time: 30 Classes


  • Shrimps
  1. Tripod shrimp
  2. Partner walking shrimp
  3. Shrimp to quarter to sit out
  4. Upa Shrimp (lift hips but don’t bounce)
  5. Stationary Shrimp


  • Front Crawl
  1. Back leg
  2. Front leg


  • Side crawl
  • Hip stretch spin
  1. With arms
  2. Without arms


  • Sit and spin
  1. ½ Circle
  2. Full circle
  3. Continuous


  • Back to Quarter Position
  1. Knee tight
  2. Kick leg


  • Windshield Wipers
  1. Foot to knee
  2. Move both feet

Guard Position

  • Breaks for Closed Guard
  1. Standing knee split
  2. Sleeve break prayer
  3. Sleeve break Palm clasp


  • Guard Passes
  1. Bear hug to legs
  2. Shoulder to ribs
  3. Standing to sit out


  • Guard Submissions
  1. Dragging Juji
  2. Umaplata
  3. Arm crush

Cross body/ Kesa Gatame

  • 9 Pin flow
  • Cross Body Escapes
  1. Tuck and turn
  2. Harpoon Sweep
  3. Whizzer to under hook and turn out (ghost)


  • Cross Body Submissions
  1. Upper branch to arm bar (juji)
  2. Upper branch to near side arm bar (juji)
  3. Figure 4 achilles lock

Mount Position

  • Maintain the mount
  1. Elbow or wrist pull
  2. Hook feet and spread base with arms
  3. Swim (single and double)
  4. Switch to side mount
  5. Grab neck
  6. Move to knee pin
  7. Parry or push
  8. Spread base and let roll
  9. Cross Face


  • Mount Escapes
  1. Neck Wrap to trap to Upa
  2. Double under hook to Upa
  3. Side mount escape (elbow, shrimp, knee, roll)


  • Attain the Mount
  1. Sit out
  2. Push knees to sit out
  3. Sit out to knee slide
  4. Leg trap
  5. Knee pin to knee slide

Quarter (turtle) Position

  • Turn Over’s
  1. Quarter nelson
  2. Front head lock turn
  3. Head tuck and near side leg lift


  • Quarter Submissions
  1. Helicopter to Juji to push up roll and arm bar
  2. Helicopter to Juji change arms to leg pull
  3. Cross face lift to roll to Juji


Videos for reference:

Testing requirements- Tests will be given on a semi private basis.

1) You will need to be in full uniform
2) You will need to have all curriculum memorized
3) The test fee will be $30 due at time of test
4) If you are receiving a new color belt the cost of the belt will be $15