Black Belt Club Module A

Minimum training: 16 classesBlack Belt Club Module


Stand Up


Footwork and Stretching:

  1. Scissor Splits
  2. Rear Arm Stretch
  3. Triceps Stretch
  4. Rhythm Hop (solo, jab)


  1. Standard 4 with Right Knee (Left Kick, Right Straight, Left Hook, Right Knee, Right Kick)
  2. 5 count Combination plus Standard 4. (9 total movements)


  1. Slip
  2. Snap Back
  3. Duck
  4. Bob-N-Weave


  1. Jab for Jab
  2. Double for Double
  3. Cross, Hook to Shoulder Roll and V-Cover
  4. Stacking Bricks w/ Verbal response on Focus Mitts.
  5. One round timing sparring random. (including feints, foot jabs, etc)    

Jiu Jitsu:

  1. Shoot to takedown setup
  2. Armbar from side mount



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