Black Belt Club Module G

Minimum training: 16 classes

Black Belt Club Module GJiu Jitsu Flow Drills

  • Switch to kesse, leg over head escape.
  • Switch to kesse, leg over head escape, counter, armbar
  • Switch to kesse with head low, push head to mat & out the back
  • Switch to kesse bump to high point and roll
  • Kesse Upper Branch
  • Kesse Lower Branch
  • Kesse Upper Branch to Mount


Muay Thai & Boxing Applied Drills (must wear protective gear)

  • Thai 1-2 on Focus Mitts
  • Thai 1-2 Glove Drill
  • Body Shot Response on Focus Mitts
  • Body Shot Response Glove Drills
  • Timing Sparring w/fakes
  • Jab only sparring
  • Cut Kick

Black Belt Club Module G


Required Protective Equipment:


Eskrima SticksPractice Dagger  Boxing GlovesBag Gloves

Head Gear


Shin Guards


This gear is required to participate in higher contact training.  This is a further step in learning to use and apply the students training.  These items are required at testing time.