Black Belt Club Module E


Black Belt Club Module EMinimum training: 16 classes





Lameco Eskrima:




  • Heaven Six Count Sinawali
  • Heaven and Earth Six Count Sinawali
  • Earth Six Count Sinawali
  • All performed with long and short tools




Jiu Jitsu


Hip Throws


  • Body & arm
  • Head & arm
  • Single arm
  • Drop to knees
  • All performed against gripping, striking or weapon attacks



Grip breaks:

  • Hand squeeze
  • Thumb
  • Pressure Point




  • 6 count arm bar with black belt secret
  • S-mount armbar
  • Rolling armbar from quarter



Theory Challenge:


Bruce Lee once said “I do not fear the man who knows ten thousand kicks.  I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.”


Why did he say this?  I what way can you apply it to your personal training?







Required Protective Equipment:


Eskrima Sticks

Practice Dagger


 Boxing GlovesBag Gloves

Head Gear


Shin Guards




This gear is required to participate in higher contact training.  This is a further step in learning to use and apply the students training.  These items are required at testing time.