Black Belt Club Module D

Minimum training: 18 classes


Stand up


  •  Double Thai Kicks on Pads

*Must reach 140 kicks, with power, at waist height in a three minute round


Fifteen count combo:

Parry,  V-Arm Cover,  L-Elbow,  R-Elbow, R-Knee,  L-Thai Kick,  R-Straight,  L-Hook, R-Knee,  R-Kick, Long Foot Jab, Slip, L-Hook, R-Straight, R-Thai Kick

*emphasize power in strikes, smooth transitions, and maintain a good cover on every movement


Page 1 Mitt Drill:

Jab, Jab, Catch, Jab, Step back and Pat down, Jab, Jab, Cross, Catch, Rear Forearm Stop, Jab High, Low, High

*practice stationary, traveling forward on every jab & traveling back on every jab




Lameco Eskrima



  • Tatsulok Babae
  1. Ilag lihis (Triangular dodging)
  2. Ilag liyad (Bob and weave)
  3. Ilag yuko (Ducking)
  4. Sipa sa tuhod (Traingle with knee kick)
  5. At apak sa likod ng tuhod (Triangle with step to the back of opponents knee)


  • Paupo (half side step into cat stance)
  1. Pekiti Tersia method
  2. Illustrisimo method



  • 12 Strikes
  1. Pa’ulit’ulit      (Repetitive)
  2. Tuloy, Tuloy   (Flowing)
  3. Doblete          (Double Strikes)

*practice stationary and with all footwork


  • Strike Flows
  1. Wetik at Hiwa (Wrist snap and slash)
  2. Wetik at Hiwa at Abaniko
  3. Wetik at Hiwa, Kurba, at Hiwa
  4. Abaniko sa Kanan at Kaliwang Taynga
  5. Abaniko sa Kanan Taynga, Hiwa, Abaniko sa Kaliwang Taynga, at Hiwa
  6. Hiwa #1, Abaniko sa Kaliwang Taynga, Hiwa #4, Abaniko sa Kanan Taynga
  7. Mula sa pinid posisyon: Wetik, Hiwa, Abaniko sa Kanan,at Kaliwang Taynga, at Bagsok
  8. Mula as bukas posisyon: Palo’ng Kurba sa ulo, Hiwa, Abaniko as Kaliwa at Kanan Taynga at Bagsok papuntang pinid,


  • Blocks
  1. Tala Bartikal Block
  2. Sumbrada
  3. Pluma



Jiu Jitsu


Submissions from the mount:

  • Figure 4/v-arm lock
  • Ju-ji gatame
  • V-arm lock to ju-ji (opposite arm)
  • V-arm lock to ju-ji (same arm)



Indeed there are two kinds of strength.  The outer strength is obvious; everyone has it in varying degrees. To delight in one’s outer strength is foolishness.  It fades with age and succumbs to sickness.  Then there is the chi of inner strength.  Everyone possesses it too, but it is infinite and more difficult to develop.  Youth fades, but once acquired, the inner strength lasts through every heat and every cold; through old age and beyond.



Required Protective Equpiment:



Eskrima Sticks

Practice Dagger


Boxing Gloves

Bag Gloves

Head Gear


Shin Guards


*This gear is required to participate in higher contact training.  This is a further step in learning to use and apply the students training.  These items are required at testing time.