Black Belt Club Module C

Black Belt Club Module CMinimum training: 16 classes


Primary Position (Month 1)

Cross Body

Monthly Techniques

Transitions  = North-South and Elbow Escape

Take down = Hip Throw

Submission = Arm Bar

Word of the month


Combo of the month

Jab, Straight, Jab, Duck, Jab, Straight, Jab, Jump, Hip Throw> Cross Body> Arm Bar

Primary Position (Month 2)


Monthly Techniques

Transitions = Shoulder Stack and Elevator Sweep

Take Down = Double Leg

Submission = Ezekiel Choke

Word of the Month


Combo of the month

Left hook, Right hook, Duck, Jab, Jab, Straight, Duck, Shuffle out,
Double Leg Takedown> Let them pull Guard> Ezekiel Choke