Black Belt Club Mod FBlack Belt Club Mod F

Minimum training: 16 classes


Lameco Eskrima:

• Caveman Kali Sinawali

Jiu Jitsu Flow Drills

• Single/Double Leg to Crossbody to S-mount Armbar

• Single/Double Leg to Crossbody to Thumb in Cross Choke

• Single/Double Leg to Crossbody to Far Arm Branches

• Turtle Position Rear-Naked-Choke

• Turtle Position Rear-Naked-Choke-Choke Defense

• Turtle Position Rear-Naked-Choke-Choke Defense-Escape

• Turtle Position Rear-Naked-Choke-Choke Defense-Armbar from the back

Muay Thai (must wear protective gear)

• Hand Drills

• Long Range Slip Straight Punches (1s-2s-3s)

• Mid-Range Bob & Weave Hooks (1s-2s-3s)


• Long Range Kick Counters

• Evade the Kick

• Shield Block (1s-2s-3s, Block and Return)

• Catch the Kick (and push, and kick-out ‘tag only’ and clinch counter)

Theory Challenge:

If Bullies target people they see as vulnerable, how do you stand up to one without violence or cruel words?

Required Protective Equipment:

  • Eskrima Sticks
  • Practice Dagger
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Bag Gloves
  • Head Gear
  • Mouthpiece
  • Shin Guards

This gear is required to participate in higher contact training. This is a further step in learning to use and apply the students training. These items are required at testing time.