Muay Thai Training in Portland
Muay Thai Training in Portland
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What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai (also known as Thai boxing or simply, kickboxing) is an ancient martial art form from Thailand. Muay Thai was introduced in the United States by Arjan Chai in 1968, the honored president and founder of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA.

The purpose of Muay Thai training is to develop and enhance the body’s strength and coordination, while learning to use the body’s tools for self-defense.

mauythaiportland-278x300What Do Portland Muay Thai Classes Involve?

Muay Thai training courses involve dynamic moves, drills and combos to keep you engaged and challenged. The classes will involve a variety of drills that fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Speed drills, which develop your agility, one of the key elements of power
  • Conditioning drills, which develop strength, endurance and physical resilience
  • Rhythm drills, which develop a sense of range, position and ease of flow between techniques
  • Timing drills, which put together everything you have learned and help you develop the ability to read an opponent and work techniques in ideal response to the opportunities at hand

Our Portland Muay Thai courses provide an outstandingly effective workout! The sessions are always evolving to keep you engaged and motivated. With consistent training, you will have improved strength, flexibility, greater bone density and remarkable cardio endurance. While this training can result in the best physical fitness of your life, anyone can get started regardless of current fitness. We have training options for all skill levels from beginners to skilled fighters

NWFA’s motto for Muay Thai classes is: “Intense, Challenging, Effective, & Exciting.”


What Will I Do in NWFA Muay Thai Classes?

NWFA has crafted up a unique series of Muay Thai training techniques that can help you better your agility, reaction time, and striking techniques. Most importantly, our goal is to help you better learn self-defense and increase your inner strength.

  1. Thai Pad Workouts:
  • Muay Thai pads are heavy padding strapped to the forearms which are used to safely absorb the force of a kick or knee. This is done to develop skill, strength and sense of range with simple fixed patterns.
  • Our exercises will help you refine your transitions, increase your endurance and speed up your reaction speed.
  1. Heavy Bag Workouts
  • Heavy bags are the power and technique part of a Muay Thai training session. You can deliver as much power as possible without having to be concerned for your training partner.
  • You’ll develop fluid footwork and learn to constantly adjust your positioning. You’ll better your transitions and precision.
  • We’ll help to improve your technique and speed.
  1. Focus Mitt Workouts
  • Focus mitt work outs are predominately focused on the hands and elbow strikes. This is an excellent and safe way to test your skills without the risk of injury.
  • This will primarily focus on hand speed drills both as a defensive maneuver as well as striking.

Muay Thai Glove Drills

Partner glove drills are used to develop your understanding of how to apply a series of strikes and counters and to train you to respond naturally to the unexpected nature of a real situation.

  • Defensive technique practice where you isolate certain strikes and your options to counter them
  • Technique drills to look for common technical flaws to help you improve striking safety while looking for good opportunities to counter-strike
  • Partner techniques flows – sequences of light strikes and their effective counters which teach you the correct range and timing of all of the different strikes

Muay Thai Courses – Sparring

Timing sparring: You’ll be challenged to respond to different techniques from your opponent. This is done with absolute control and trains you to analyze your partner and learn to read his cues. This level of training in the Muay Thai classes is absolutely safe.

Full contact sparring: The final step in the training sequence is to put on appropriate protective gear and work striking with speed and controlled power. The goal is to learn something new and improve every time you spar.

Benefits of Muay Thai

Muay Thai offers many different physical benefits including:

  • Increased Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Leg & Core Strength
  • Joint Mobility and flexibility
  • Improved Agility

In addition to the physical improvements of participating in our Portland Muay Thai Boxing classes is the overall benefit of bettering your health. Keeping a consistent workout schedule and routine can help alleviate stress and improve your overall mental health. Muay Thai training is a balance of physical strength and mental strength.

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