Women’s Kickboxing Classes in Portland — Get Fit, Get Confident!

The women’s kickboxing training provided at Northwest Fighting Arts Academy is the most effective and exciting form of fitness and self-defense training in Portland, Oregon. Burn inches off your waist and learn how to stop an attacker in his tracks while having a lot of fun. In the words of one of our members, “It will be the most fun you’ve had while getting your butt kicked into shape!”

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FAQs About the Benefits of Training With NWFAbootcamp kickboxing for fitness in Portland

The women’s kickboxing classes at NWFA focus on developing a high level of fitness while training in useful, real-world and straight-forward defense techniques. Not only does it produce awesome results, the classes are fun and challenging.

We’d never expect you to just take our word for it, so read on to learn about all the benefits you’ll receive from your training and hear what people who have already happily gone through our kickboxing classes for women in Portland have to say about the experience.

Q: What will I be doing in these classes?

A: You can burn between 700-1100 calories per hour in our women’s kickboxing Portland boot camp. As your fitness grows, so will your results and your love for the art! You will feel an immense increase in your stamina, strength and confidence levels.

In these circuit classes you’ll throw hundreds of punches, kicks, elbows and knees. You’ll be striking mitts and heavy bags which is not only more intense than just punching the air, but you’ll also learn how to use these strikes in real-life situations if you ever need to. Plus, throw in dozens of different cross-training exercises with medicine balls and kettlebells and you’ll see how this whole body workout will leave you toned from head to toe!

Q: “Sounds fun, but what if I don’t want to get hit?”

A: No worries. The boot camp-style women’s kickboxing classes in Portland are all technique and conditioning focused. While you will be learning effective strikes and defensive moves, all of the training is done with kickboxing gloves for women, focus mitts and kick shields. Nobody is getting clobbered during training sessions. Safety of our members is our utmost priority. And, if you do feel like testing out your self-defense skills in a safe environment, there are separate sparring times where you can work more competitively.

Q: What else will the women’s kickboxing classes do for me?

A: The complete spectrum of benefits from our Portland kickboxing classes can only be experienced, not described. Even so, to list just a few of the many benefits of your training:

  • Workout your entire body in just one hour.
  • Tone your legs, arms, glutes, and abs. Every single move utilizes the whole body and the Cardio is unbelievable. Think about being able to run sprints for an hour and you’ll start to get the idea. The only difference – Kickboxing is actually fun!
  • Develop the skill and confidence to deal with an attacker: These women-only kickboxing classes will give you fight-ending knockout power in your fists, elbows, knees and kicks.
  • Learn exercises you can do on your own during off days to take your fitness to an even higher level. True fitness is a lifestyle and you’ll learn dozens of quick exercises you can sneak in throughout your day.
  • Train at your own pace. We’ll push you and help you conquer your limits, but kickboxing can be done by anyone, regardless of where their current fitness level stands. You don’t have to start out with the conditioning of a marathoner, but you’ll get there and beyond if you stick with it!
  • Feel physically fit and healthy to help you feel great emotionally, too. You will find yourself happier and more fulfilled in life.
  • The glances of admiration and envy from men and women alike will just be an added bonus!

You’ll be sweating and smiling from a job well done at the end of each one of these bootcamp style kickboxing classes.

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You’ve got nothing to lose and trying it might just change your life. Contact Northwest Fighting Arts Academy today!


  • Free Video! – Kickboxing Fitness Moves!
  • 2nd Free Video!! – Secrets of Kickboxing Strength & Flexibility
  • AND Get a Free Private Women’s Kickboxing Lesson with a Professional Instructor
  • AND Get our 30 Days Free Special



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