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Boxing Classes in Portland, Oregon

Boxing is a hand-striking art which places a strong emphasis on footwork for ideal position and angle. Boxing makes up a key piece of a self-defense skill set. With techniques suited to every body type it makes a very adaptable martial art.

Our boxing curriculum draws from training with Professor Leonard Trigg who has coached many successful professional and Olympic athletes. Our Portland boxing classes are high paced, energetic and fun. Drills can be worked at a variety of intensity levels. Plus, at NWFA we pair you with training partners who have similar goals. So, whether you are looking to test the waters, get into great shape and have fun, or training to compete, our boxing classes in Portland, Oregon, can work for you.

If you would like more information about our classes please call us at: 503-235-3435.

Refined Boxing Classes

NWFA provides specialized and professional boxing training. The experience will be more refined than what is available at any local boxing. Using their years of experience, our expert instructors will help you grow as a boxer in the following ways:

  • You will learn proper stance and footwork. This will provide you with a solid foundation and the ability to maintain that base while moving. Without a sound foundation all techniques, offensive or defensive will have a fraction of their potential effectiveness.
  • You will develop fluidity in your body and head movements. Using slips, rolls and other body/head maneuvers, a boxer is able to flow around force without expending their opportunity to counter.
  • You will be taught a variety of blocks, parries and other counters to deal with incoming strikes skillfully leaving yourself in a good position to counter attack or defend yourself further.
  • You will be taught a highly refined set of strikes to improve your accuracy and power.
  • During NWFA’s boxing classes, you will be taught the correct techniques. This is essential to effective training, as basics like making a proper fist and throwing punches in a structured and supported manner help prevent injuries.
  • Everyday practice will ingrain into your muscle memory the various moves, counters and offensive/defensive strategies. You will be trained in jabs, hooks, uppercuts and combinations.
  • As a boxing trainee at NWFA, you will develop a strong foundation. This will make you more powerful. It will be tougher for anyone to knock you down or throw you around. Having strong foundation training will also enable you to yield and redirect your opponent’s force or attack.
  • Our boxing instructors will work continuously with you on developing your rhythm and timing to smooth out any rough edges in your fighting skills.
  • You will tone and strengthen every muscle in your body to improve your stamina. Every striking class uses a variety of exercises to improve fitness in a dynamic, always challenging environment.

Benefits from Boxing Training at NWFA

Apart from all the skill sets described above, learning boxing at Portland’s NWFA helps you work on improving your fitness and upper body strength like no other martial art form. A lot of people find cardiovascular exercises to be monotonous. Running or using a StairMaster can get boring and inconsistent. Boxing provides great cardio exercise while also working out the entire body. The right kind of boxing training will strengthen your core muscles, arms and legs while getting your heart pumping at the same time.

And of course, the benefit of knowing an art form for self-defense is undeniable.

The instructors at NWFA use basic boxing combinations and techniques to put together numerous different workout routines so it never, ever gets monotonous. You will refine your skills and increase your body’s stamina and strength — all while enjoying the experience.

You will work with different training partners during the course of the session. This helps to take away focus from the exact combination of set moves to naturally respond to your partner’s moves. This becomes extremely essential in real-world circumstances where your opponent isn’t expected to follow a set pattern or routine. This will help you naturally synchronize your actions and reactions with those of your partner.

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  • Free Video! – 7 Deadly Self Defense Techniques!
  • 2nd Free Video!! – Unleash Your Speed: Flexibility Training for Boxers
  • AND Get a Free Private Boxing Lesson with a Professional Instructor
  • AND Get our 30 Days Free Special